Black Hat and DEFCON

Committee Volunteers


  • Work with WISP Board, Black Hat and DEFCON WISP committees members to develop and execute on Black Hat and DEFCON project plan

  • Co-ordinate and manage the on-going activities, tasks, and deliverables in preparation for Black Hat and DEFCON

  • Participate in bi-weekly committee calls and respond to emails to maintain regular communication with other volunteers, WISP Board, Black Hat, DEFCON, and other 3rd parties about progress

  • Generate after-Black Hat and -DEFCON metrics and share it with WSISP Board

Volunteer benefits

  • Help make a difference in the industry and WISP

  • Be part of a strong community

  • Meet a diverse range of amazing people

  • Give back to the community by supporting women in security and privacy

  • Develop new skills

Desired Skills and Interests

  • Comfortable working in a fluid environment

  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to lead WISP brand to the next level

  • Experience with organizing events and/or conferences is a plus 

  • Honesty, integrity, and respect for others

  • Interest in taking on a leadership position with WISP


  • Starting now until September 2019

Estimated time commitment

  • Participation in weekly or bi-weekly planning calls

  • Ongoing communication with vendors, WISP volunteers, WISP Board

  • Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours/week depending on the needs

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email to [email protected].  Please include your bio and 3-5 sentences describing yourself, why you want to be involved, and how you could contribute.  Also, please include a link to your LinkedIn profile.