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Art into Science: A Conference for Defense

  • University of Texas - Trinity Hall 311 E 5th St Austin, TX ‎78701 (map)


Push the art to a science: Creating a professional discipline 

To mature our practice, we need to be able to share our methodologies in a systematic and consistent way. 

We have many professionals in the security industry, but do not have a professional discipline. We'd like to philosophically discuss concepts in security, push them forward, and model them. 

Glorify the defense: Tools, techniques, and ideas people can leave the conference with and implement 

Security conferences glorify the attacker, and accept attack-oriented talks. We'd like to put defense on a pedestal and take in talks that interest us - operational talks on defense. 

As a field, we need practitioners to offer implementable ideas and or reference implementations to reduce the amount of work that someone has to do to implement what they learn.


In the "Glorify the defense" (operations) track we will have talks of interest on various investigations and case studies on the one hands, and tools and ideas used to defend our environments on the other. 

The "Push the art into a science" (philosophy) track will be dedicated to working tracks, where the members introduce their own concepts, and then discuss specifics. Most importantly, finish the day with a summary that can be used to push our field into the future.

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