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Privacy Lab - March event

  • EFF 815 Eddy Street San Francisco, CA, 94109 United States (map)

Our March speaker is Justin Troutman, creator of PocketBlock. Ultimately, PocketBlock is about advancing security education and literacy, using cryptography as a driver.

PocketBlock is the first initiative in a cross-disciplined space he's dubbed CRUX, or cryptography + user experience. PocketBlock's interactive curricula aims to introduce the concepts behind modern cryptography, by scaling down, and sometimes completely stripping away, the mathematical complexities; instead, it relies heavily on visuals and "moves", instead of formulaic calculations. Because of the malleability and scalability of this approach, it's suitable for everyone from an 8-year-old grade schooler all the way to a tenured developer.

Cultivated through various workshops at Cal Poly SLO's EPIC, Facebook's Hacktober and Hacker Girls Summer Camp, and r00tz Asylum at Defcon, PocketBlock serves as a bridge between classical and modern cryptography; it's an effective catalyst within STEAM initiatives for making cryptography accessible as a potential career path, and also encourages more meaningful dialogue between seasoned developers tasked with implementing strong cryptography, yet without prior knowledge.

During Privacy Lab, Justin will take us through a quick look at Pockenacci, an authenticated block cipher for introducing the concepts of key schedules, S-boxes, and P-boxes. He'll also discuss current development of new ciphers, including a scaled down version of the Advanced Encryption Standard. Also in the works is a narrative-driven, episodic interactive Web adventure (e.g., think Zork in 2017) that involves making and breaking ciphers, PocketBlock style, in order to complete missions and level up.

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