Any articles you submit will be subject to editing.  Any article that does not meet these guidelines will be returned.  There is no guarantee about if and when your article will be published.


  1. Article must be relevant to privacy and security or careers in these areas.

  2. The content should be suitable for an audience of professional women in security and privacy, including those who are experts in your area.

  3. The article should not be a general list or tips.

  4. This article will have your name attached to it publicly - it should represent your best work and be based upon your area of expertise.

  5. You should not promote a company, product, or anything else in the article to make it promotional or sponsored.  However, you may talk about your experience working on a specific product, at a company, or in another way that establishes your credibility and expertise.

  6. Do not tell us you resolved a problem, instead walk through processes and explain how you were able to manage a specific situation or navigate through technical challenge.

  7. Make sure the article is clearly organized and has headings, subheadings, and citations.  Corroboration only helps your credibility.

  8. Your article should not have been previously published.  (If you’d like to us to increase visibility for a previously published article, reach out to our Amplifier Initiative.)

  9. Make sure your article is up-to-date.

  10. Do not include a rant, obscene language, or any discriminatory or negative content.  

  11. Make sure you provide a 2-3 sentence bio and your Twitter handle.  If you’ve extensively written on similar topics before, provide us with the link.

  12. Plagiarism is not tolerated.  Do not submit any plagiarized material.

  13. Your article should be no more than 1-2 pages.  


Questions?  Reach out to [email protected]