Key WISP Volunteers

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WISP would not be possible without the great work of our volunteers.
That’s why we would like to introduce you to some of them here!

MAnsi Thakar

Events Team

Mansi is a graduate student at University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership. With an undergraduate degree in chemistry, Mansi decided to get a cyber security degree. To Mansi, cyber security is a field where you can be a superhero. Mansi wants to help shape how we meet the growing magnitude of cyber threats through data and automation. This challenge energizes her. When she is not working onher tech skills, she likes to practice yoga at the beach with her friends and cook Italian food.

In her own words: "My work with WISP has made me realize that I'm not just laying down a brick, rather am building a cathedral."

Salma Shehata

Marketing Team

Salma Shehata, an original founder of Sdot Media, a full service digital agency, has over 7 years of experience in the digital enterprise ranging from design and development all the way to ux research, marketing and go-to-market strategies. She has worked with startups and helped establish new companies through pivotal roles in the three overlapping disciplines that makeup Product Management – User Experience, Business and Technology. Salma has led multiple focus workshops, mentored in affiliated workshops and is passionate about supporting and empowering women in their careers. WISP thanks Sdot Media for their support and contributions.

saraH Pipes

Editorial Team

Sarah is a Manager at KPMG specializing in providing data privacy, information governance and security services, where she works with clients across all sectors assessing their risk and compliance, and supporting the implementation of strong underlying privacy and data governance programs. She recently completed an international rotation based in Brussels focused on addressing privacy concerns bridging the EU and US, including compliance with GDPR and international data transfers. Sarah also speaks regularly at conferences and contributes to thought leadership in the field.

In her own words: "WISP is a community of truly dedicated women who enable me to combine my interests of privacy and security, continual learning, writing and reading, advancement of other women, and getting to hang out with great people. Working with this group is a unique opportunity."

Samantha Cowan

Editorial Team

Samantha is a Security Engineer at CoverHound. She specializes in Infrastructure Security, logging and monitoring, and incident response. She is has also worked extensively with Security Awareness and Culture programs.

In her own words: "WISP has been a great place to connect with other women in security and privacy - it's a small enough community that having a way to easily meet, network and learn from each other has been a huge benefit!"

SaMAN Saleem

Social Media Team

Saman earned a Masters degree in Cyber Law and Information Security from National Law Institute University in India. She is a huge advocate for women, and she has received a Women's Empowerment Award from the Indian government.

Ariel Lyons

Chief Artist

Ariel Lyons.png

Ariel studied art and design and later graduated with a B.S. in Justice Studies at Arizona State University. She worked with Freelance graphic design for about 3 years. Ariel is also a painter under the nom de plum, "Priddy-Lyons". Fun fact: she speaks Japanese fluently.

In her own words: "I heard about WISP while I was at DEF CON this year, and I was automatically drawn to every aspect of empowering fellow females in the security and privacy sector. I hope to use my art and design work to help drive the cause and bring a community together, under WISP."


Marketing Team

Ana is an Information Security Specialist at Holland & Knight. She is a graduate student at the University of South Florida in Cybersecurity – Digital Forensics. As a digital forensic student, she have had the opportunity to trace, analyze, and investigate data resulting in crucial evidence for test cases done in class. Ana obtained her undergraduate degree in Computer Science at FIU which gives her a background in software engineering. She is passionate about the Cybersecurity field, and enjoys learning new technologies, obtaining new skills and honing existing ones.