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WISP Tandems is our peer-to-peer mentorship program

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WISP Tandem Principles

1) We match women based on their areas of expertise and interest. Here are some examples:

  • Laws, regulations, standards, best practices

  • network or database architecture

  • application security, hacking, secure coding

  • privacy engineering and privacy-by-design (PbD)

  • academic research in the field of privacy/security

  • cybersecurity and defense

  • career advancement

  • breach prevention and handling

  • privacy / security program management

  • HR, employee privacy trainings, and awareness

  • children's privacy

  • privacy rights and government surveillance

  • you name it!


2) Tandem partners are both mentors and mentees for each other.

Privacy and security professionals can support and learn from each other, no matter professional title or years of experience.  We’re in a dynamic industry!  


3) We are currently matching WISP Tandem Partners in the SF Bay Area.

  • We believe that it is valuable to meet up in person in order to facilitate stronger relationships.
  • As we expand WISP, we will roll this program and chapters out to other cities.  


4) Tandem Partners decide on how to provide value to one another. However, we suggest the following ground rules:

  • Tandems should schedule regular monthly calls to ask and answer questions, update one another on new developments, have subject matter discussions, and chat about challenges successes.

  • Tandem Partners should inform one another about interesting events and networking opportunities on an ongoing basis.

  • Tandems should introduce their partner to someone else from their network once per month.  

  • Tandems should aim to share links to materials and interesting articles, ideally weekly.

  • Tandems should attend regular WISP Tandem activities at WISP events to meet in person and exchange recommendations for successful partnerships with other Tandem Partners.
  • Join our Tandems Group on LinkedIn to exchange mentoring tips and ideas, and to make new Tandem connections.