Everyone's expertise is valuable. Find a great match!

Everyone's expertise is valuable. Find a great match!

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WISP Tandems is our peer-to-peer mentorship program

Tandems Principles & FAQs

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WISP Tandem Principles

1) We match women based on their areas of expertise and interest.

  • You might be matched with someone who is interested in learning about an area you are already an expert in. 

  • You might be matched with someone who has expertise in an area you are interested in, but know little about.

  • You might be matched with someone who wants to learn about the same subject as you, so you can help each other grow.  

2) Tandem partners are both mentors and mentees for each other. 
Privacy and security professionals can support and learn from each other, no matter professional title or years of experience.

3) Tandem Partners decide on how to provide value to one another. However, we suggest the following ground rules, and during the first three months of your partnership, we will send you regular reminders.

  • Tandems should schedule regular calls or meetings to ask and answer questions, update one another on new developments, have subject matter discussions, and chat about challenges successes.

  • Tandem Partners should inform one another about interesting events and networking opportunities on an ongoing basis.

  • Tandems should introduce their partner to someone else from their network once per month.  

  • Tandems should aim to share links to materials and interesting articles, ideally weekly.

  • Tandems can attend regular WISP Tandems activities at WISP events to meet in person and exchange recommendations for successful Tandems partnerships.