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Upcoming WISP events

Jan 24th: The State of Cybersecurity Under the New Administration

Cybersecurity is an increasingly critical issue in our everyday lives. Hacking is easy to conduct and immensely profitable for attackers. Defense, on the other hand, is difficult, reactive, and expensive. Cybersecurity remains a significant challenge for public, companies, and government. 

Join us for an evening of discussion on the future of cybersecurity under the new administration. We'll discuss evolving challenges, and how industry, the government, and the public can work together to advance the field.

Many thanks to Deloitte San Francisco for hosting this event!

Feb 1st: Career Workshop Series: Salary Negotiations

Join us at LinkedIn in San Francisco for the 3rd and final career event co-sponsored by Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) and Leading Women in Technology (LWT).  The event starts at 5:30 pm PST. 

To a candidate, compensation negotiation is the most important and lasting aspect associated with a hiring process. You need to know what to expect, what to plan, what to calculate, and how to execute. Discover how it commences before you apply, how it plays out when you first interview, and how it progresses from the initial offer to the finale of the counteroffer. Build your confidence by learning a systematic approach and the nuances of the negotiation dialect. 

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OUR Objectives

Education: Help women identify and achieve the level of education and skills required to succeed in security and privacy positions across multiple industries.

Mentoring & Networking: Foster a community for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, mentorship, and networking.

Advancement: Support the career advancement of women in security and privacy.

Leadership: Increase thought leadership by women in security and privacy.

Research: Conduct independent research related to recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in security and privacy.

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