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SANS CyberTalent Fair

WISP is proud to be a SANS CyberTalent Fair partner organization!

The SANS CyberTalent Fair (SCTF) is an innovative, online event for the top cybersecurity employers and jobseekers in the United States to meet. For attendees, it is a unique opportunity to learn more about current opportunities in the cybersecurity community and interact on a one-on-one basis with leading employers in the field. Powered by SANS, job searching and networking with employers has never been easier at a time when finding cyber talent is imperative for companies big and small across economic sectors. 

SANS CyberTalent Test

Please register now and be sure to take the SANS CyberTalent Test (CTT) at no cost to stand out to employers. You will need to create a SANS portal account (no cost) to take the exam, then you can enter your scores in your SCTF profile! Visit to take the test!

Why Attend?

  • Connect with the best employers and career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry
  • Engage directly with top employers via dynamic one-on-one web chat and group chat in each booth
  • View and apply for job opportunities directly from your home
  • Assess your current cybersecurity skills and differentiate yourself to employers by taking the SANS CyberTalent Test (CTT)

Whatever your reasons for virtually attending this online career fair, we are more than confident you will find it a beneficial source of information, employer engagement, and career advancing knowledge and opportunities. Register today!

Earlier Event: November 17