WISP's Program


  • Continue our substantive security and privacy training for women, maintaining status quo of 100+ attendance
  • Develop workshop intensives: e.g., secure coding; Privacy-by-Design (PbD); Hacking 101; Privacy Tool Hackathon; Privacy Engineering; Lock Picking; etc.
  • Increase corporate and non-corporate partnerships to support more substantive and leadership training to members
  • Develop inclusive industry training materials


  • Mobilize members of the WISP community to mentor teens by teaching female students about careers in security and privacy

  • Host and facilitate networking opportunities for our WISP community

  • Expansion with new chapters in Dublin, Ireland and New York City.
  • Develop initial expansion plans for local chapters in Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Boston


  •  Help create a job pipeline for women to lead in security and privacy
  • Launch a conference inclusion initiative. Partner with Equal Respect initiative to: promote inclusivity; develop a Speaker's Bureau; and curate a list of women who are available to speak on panels. 


  • Provide leadership training to women

  • Provide a platform for women to publish articles and share research


  • Research ways to include more women in security and privacy industries