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Structure Security 2016

  • The Golden Gate Club 135 Fisher Loop San Francisco, CA, 94129 United States (map)


Technology companies have created a digital revolution through the sheer pace of their innovation. CIOs and business leaders in every industry are adopting digital technology at breakneck speed and transforming their companies; no industry has been left untouched. But the benefits of this digital world have been offset by increased risks from all manner of sophisticated adversaries who find new vulnerabilities to exploit as quickly as old flaws are addressed. That means CISOs are struggling to keep up with the threats as the security industry itself responds with an increasing — and often confusing — array of products and services.

Structure Security is the first and only conference to bring all of these constituencies together. You’ll hear how technology companies are working to build security into game-changing products that businesses have come to rely on, such as the public cloud, virtual machines and containers, and the internet of things. You’ll also listen to CIOs explain how they consider the adoption of these business-changing technologies, as they make clear which features and services security vendors need to provide in order to get on their radar and simplify their lives. CISOs will describe the strategies they are adopting to keep up with both threats and the growth of their own products, including how and why they select security technologies, how they overcome the shortage of qualified personnel and how they cope with the lack of knowledge and understanding from their bosses. And finally, hear from some of the most innovative security companies about how they make digital technologies more secure, replace obsolete controls, enhance existing controls and improve the cost effectiveness of security operations centers.


Who is this conference for?

Structure Security is the gathering place for information security professionals, tech industry leaders, business executives, security vendors and investors to discuss the importance of security as part of the ever increasing reliance on technology in our digital world.

What are the most important themes you’ll discuss at the conference?

  • Security in the Cloud: The migration of critical business functions and applications to the cloud has changed the way companies think about security risks and operations. Learn how leading organizations think about security as part of their cloud computing strategy.
  • Think Like a Hacker: Learn how the success of your technology and cybersecurity strategies can be radically improved by understanding how attackers think and operate.
  • Social Engineering: Hear how leading organizations work to mitigate the security risks caused by social engineering and human error. And learn how to prepare for the future as this challenge continues to evolve with the adoption of new technologies.
  • Minimum Viable Product = Most Vulnerable Product: Even if Facebook itself has moved on from this ethos, its “Move Fast and Break Things” culture was the mantra for a new generation of technology startups. Hear how leading technology executives have successfully enabled their teams to remain as agile as startups without sacrificing the security of the applications they create.
  • Securing the Government: How do government organizations secure their technology infrastructure? What role should the government play in helping the private sector secure our technology infrastructure?
  • Internet of (vulnerable) Things: The rapid adoption of IoT for both industrial and consumer applications has created a massive new attack surface and significant risks for IoT adopters. How do IoT vendors and companies embracing IoT deal with the security challenges created by this explosion of connected devices?
  • Evaluating Security Solutions: The days of spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to sell security products are quickly fading away. Leading CISOs have a strong vision for how their teams should evaluate their existing vendors and new solutions. Hear some of these leaders share their vision and approach, and hear from security vendors who are leading the way helping these CISOs and their organizations succeed.
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