Announcing Our Founding Sponsors

We are pleased to announce Women in Security and Privacy’s (WISP) Founding Corporate Sponsors. Founding Sponsors are companies who collectively support WISP’s mission to promote the development, advancement, and inclusion of women in the information security and privacy fields.

These leading organizations include: Promontory Financial Group LLC, Security Innovation, Google, Visa, Autodesk, Ropes & Gray, Vera, OneTrust, Future of Privacy Forum, Sunera, and Prink. Their financial support helps ensure the continued growth of a strong and collaborative WISP community.

Read about why some of our Platinum and Gold Founding Sponsors have decided to sponsor WISP:

It is widely recognized that a diverse workforce improves innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction. We’re proud to support WISP’s efforts to promote gender diversity in the privacy and security professions.
— Simon McDougall, Managing Director, Promontory
We need more girls and women to help address the critical workforce shortages and ever-evolving threats that characterize the InfoSec profession. That’s why Autodesk is supporting Women in Security and Privacy (WISP).
— Melissa Bishop, Director of Information Security, Autodesk
We support WISP and its important efforts to promote diversity in the privacy and security profession.
— Keith Enright, Director of Global Privacy Legal, Google
Getting more women into the security industry is a difficult and complex challenge, however it is one that we can help to solve through inclusion, respect, and education. With the success of our Hackathon event at WISP, we are really looking forward to reaching out to more women’s tech organizations to teach about security and privacy.
— Joe Basirico, VP of Services, Security Innovation
We’re proud to be a founding sponsor of the Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) organization. To tackle today’s tough security and privacy challenges, we need to foster new perspectives and fresh thinking. By building and advancing a more diverse community of security leaders, Vera and WISP are improving businesses’ ability to protect personal, private, and confidential data.
— Prakash Linga, CTO and Co-founder, Vera
Ropes & Gray is proud to be a founding sponsor of Women in Security and Privacy (WISP). We are delighted to collaborate with them to build expertise, fuel innovation, and nurture diversity in the data privacy and security world.
— Ira Parghi, Counsel, Ropes & Gray
If your company shares support for our mission, please consider joining WISP as a Corporate Sponsor.
For additional information, contact us or make a tax-deductible donation online.