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Equal respect and WISP foster diversity at professional events and conferences in security and privacy

We connect diverse speakers with speaking opportunities that  provide an open and respectful environment.

Equal Respect Technology Column by IT Security Planet

The practice of diversity and inclusiveness is not a cultural pet project; nor is it a charity cause. Rather, it is a principle that should be put into action in all areas of life. The Equal Respect column on IT Security Planet is where diversity leaders in the security and privacy industry from all over the world can join together to help promote meaningful and useful practices to truly advance diversity in cybersecurity and technology.

About the Equal Respect Initiative:

Equal Respect is a grassroots initiative that promotes open and respectful environments at professional events. An "Equal Respect" Conference prohibits and discourages promotional or marketing behaviors that disrespect groups of attendees based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity. Originated by Chenxi Wang and Zenobia Godschalk at RSA 2015, the Equal Respect initiative is now a community effort. To join the dialogue on women in security, visit the Equal Respect Facebook Page